Cookathon, an innovative food innovation challenge brought to you by Scaleup Village, invites all passionate food entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and bring innovative, market-ready products to the forefront of the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) market.

What is D2C (Direct-to-Consumer)?

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is a business model that involves selling products directly to customers without the need for intermediaries like retailers or wholesalers. In simpler terms, it's a direct link between the producer and the end consumer. This model cuts out the middle steps, allowing businesses to connect with their audience more intimately.Read this article to learn more about Indian D2C Startup Ecosystem

Advantages of D2C

  • Direct Relationship: D2C allows brands to build a direct and personal relationship with their customers. For instance, a local artisanal jam maker can interact directly with jam enthusiasts through online platforms, understanding preferences and gaining valuable insights.
  • Brand Control:With D2C, businesses have better control over their brand image and messaging. An example would be a small tea company that crafts unique blends and communicates directly with tea lovers, emphasising the authenticity of their products.
  • Real-time Feedback:Direct communication channels foster real-time feedback loops. A D2C skincare brand, for instance, can receive immediate responses from users, helping them tweak formulations or launch new products based on customer suggestions.
  • Adaptability to Trends: D2C enables businesses to adapt swiftly to market trends. Consider a health-conscious snack producer introducing a new superfood blend directly to consumers, responding rapidly to the rising demand for nutritious snacks.
  • Cutting Costs Skipping intermediaries often reduces costs.

Who Can Participate

  • Open to all residents of Kerala with a passion for food innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Individuals, teams, and companies are all welcome to participate.

Judging Criteria

  • Feasibility: Viability and practicality of the product.
  • D2C Friendliness: Suitability for direct-to-consumer distribution.
  • Relevance: Alignment with market demands and trends.
  • Price: Affordability and competitiveness.
  • Packaging: Appeal and practicality.
  • Market Potential: Anticipated demand and potential for growth.
  • Presentation: Clarity, persuasiveness, and engagement during the pitch.
  • Originality: Uniqueness and creativity of the product concept.

Important Dates

JAN 14: Official Announcement

  • Release the Cookathon challenge on social media platforms, rallying food bloggers to amplify the message.

Jan 27: Last date for registration

  • Participants need to fill registration form before JAN 27,11:59 PM

Jan 29: Preliminary Screening at Perinthalmanna

  • Participants present their food-related D2C products in person to an expert team, showcasing feasibility, D2C friendliness, pricing, packaging, and market potential.
  • Judges evaluate entries based on innovation, feasibility, relevance, pricing strategy, packaging appeal, market fit, and presentation skills.

Feb 2: Final Presentation at Scaleup Conclave

  • Shortlisted candidates present their products and comprehensive business plans, demonstrating the uniqueness and market potential of their offerings.

Benefits to Finalists

Congratulations on reaching the final stage of Cookathon! As one of the chosen few, your creation is about to receive unparalleled recognition and support.

Exclusive Presentation to Industry Experts and Investors

  • Opportunity: Showcase your product to a select panel of industry experts and potential investors.
  • Advantage: Receive focused attention, detailed feedback, and the chance to form strategic partnerships.

Prime Placement at the Main Venue of Scaleup Conclave

  • Opportunity: Feature your product prominently during the main event at Scaleup Conclave
  • Advantage: Gain visibility in front of a diverse audience, including industry leaders, influencers, and potential collaborators.

Dedicated Stalls in Scaleup Conclave with a 5000-strong Crowd

  • Opportunity: Display your culinary innovation at dedicated stalls, ensuring maximum exposure.
  • Advantage: Interact directly with a large audience, build brand awareness, and potentially attract customers.

Tailored Support for Manufacturing Facility Setup in Scaleup Village

  • Opportunity: Receive personalised assistance in establishing your manufacturing facility at Scaleup Village
  • Advantage: Leverage top-notch facilities, reducing production barriers and facilitating efficient scaling.

Strategic Investment and Marketing Backing

  • Opportunity: Secure targeted financial support and expert guidance in marketing your product.
  • Advantage: Propel your brand to new heights with the backing of investors and a customised marketing strategy.